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Applying the principles of the synergies approach six leading domestic manufacturers and developers of Ukrainian IT and security market merged together, creating a Consortium "ASTEK".

The Consortium was created to implement in Ukraine government, municipal and regional programs, as well as investment projects of construction of automated systems to pay and calculate goods and services provided on the territory of Ukraine taking into account social benefits, including transport.

Realizing the complexity of building automated systems with inter-agency entity subordination and high level requirements that such systems are put forward, activity of the Consortium is based on ideological principles, where each member of the Consortium:

- Has deep professional competences in particular market segment

- Trusts knowledge and experience of partners

- Shares with partners philosophical business principles

Fundamental principles of social protection in Ukraine were formed during the Soviet Union according to existing socio-political formation, economics and ideology.

During the years of independence in Ukraine actually all statehood and economy foundation components have changed, but internal processes of social privileges delivery system remained almost unchanged.

Law in force in Ukraine has 79 categories of beneficiaries. Accounting of benefits associated with the financing is carried out according to the 114 legislative acts of law through 274 names of privileges, when detailing indications - 1826.

Today, when old mechanisms of benefits delivery and accounting are strengthened by the financial crisis, problem of modern automated tools adoption into the social sector is particularly pointed. It is confirmed by numeral problems, which have recently worried almost all social services providers: transport workers and doctors, communal companies and pharmacists who, being driven to desperation, resolved even on a strike.

In matters of a civilized social guarantees implementation Ukraine lags behind by at least 18 years.

Under such circumstances, introduction of innovative, latest, most advanced technologies when reforming the social sector, which today is operated by only cost-based mechanisms of budgetary funds – is the only way to withdraw the area from stress in a short time.

On the other hand, constancy of the habits of socially unprotected people requires systems created to be easy in use by the end user.

Basic strategy of the Consortium "ASTEK" when developing projects in social sphere is consolidation of the latest innovative technologies, that are a framework for technical and economic decisions, with ease to understand and use by beneficiaries. Such consolidation is being implemented by the Consortium basing on high scientific, technical and industrial potential of Consortium members, their highly qualified personnel and financial stability. By combining competence of the participants for a common goal, Consortium "ASTEK" offers the latest mechanisms for the social policies implementation that would meet interests of both state and local governments and providers of services and their recipients.


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